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The Rise of Septra’Kaal

The Rise of Septra’Kaal

Pre-Order Now! Available March 2019. A Parallel Vortex paperback. Signed by the author.


Think only cartoon characters can talk to animals? That’s what sixth grade whiz-kid, Jonah Mortimer thought, until a little birdie told him a very big secret: An ancient evil, the Pharoah Septra’Kaal, has remained buried in the wilds of Wolverton… until now.

Septra’Kaal, commanding his army of the undead, stands atop a massive scorpion and brings with him waves of pestilence and blight. His only goal; the destruction of everything before him… and Wolverton’s his first stop!

Jonah, and the rest of Masterminds Incorporated, go head-to-head with the most formidable foe they’ve faced yet. They must unravel Septra’Kaal’s evil plan before the sands of time… run out.

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