— The Headquarters of Masterminds Incorporated —

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Don’t Hold Your Breath

A Parallel Vortex paperback. Signed by the author.


Shelby Anatoli has spent her whole life in Wolverton. One thing she’s always been sure of, her hometown is perfectly normal and there’s nothing new to discover. After joining Masterminds Incorporated, she quickly learns there’s a lot more creeping and crawling beneath the surface of Wolverton than she ever could have imagined. Every corner now holds some hidden secret. Every passerby could be some terrible thing waiting to pounce.

So, when a string of pets goes missing, followed by the school groundskeeper, Shelby and the Masterminds Incorporated detective agency must dive headlong into a mystery that will take them deeper into Wolverton’s dark secrets than ever before. Can Shelby and friends fish up the answers they need? Or will they find out they’re in over their heads?

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