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An Appointment with Fear

An Appointment with Fear

A Parallel Vortex paperback. Signed by the author.


When 11-year old Jesse Beamish moves to the small seaside town of Wolverton, he thinks surviving his first day at a new school is going to be his biggest problem. But, getting to class on time and avoiding bullies quickly becomes the least of his worries.

Jesse soon discovers there are sinister forces at work in Wolverton. Someone, or something, is attacking the townspeople after dark, leaving petrified victims in its wake… and now it’s after him!

After recruiting some new friends and dusting off his old detective agency, Masterminds Incorporated, Jesse and company have no choice but to take on this mysterious force themselves. They must work quickly to find out who, or what, is behind these attacks or risk becoming victims themselves.

Also available as an audiobook, click here.

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